Our Mission

Our mission at Lil' Nola is to keep creativity alive in the youth. Often in society, as children get older, their imaginations become something of the past; something that is irrelevant and unimportant. They start looking at creativity and imagination as something, "childish," and not as something ingenuitive and highly useful.

Every man-made thing in our world came from imagination- yet we highly discredit it. What we value highly is complacent thinking, math, and science. You can be the best scientist, mathmetician, or engineer, but as long as you lack imagination and creativity, you will go no where. All you would be capable of doing is re-creating something of the past. Anyone who has ever moved forward in this way has had it in them to think outside the box. In order to create something completely new, and move society into a new direction, you must think like no one else is thinking; at Lil' Nola, we hope to give children the courage to think that way.

These children are the future of the world, and we hope to give their minds fertile soil into which they can grow, and in turn, make the world a much better place.